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Why it’s Absolutely OKAY to Spend 50% on Yourself

So. You get your paycheck. Awesome, you have the entirety of this deposit to spend on LuLuLemon! WRONG...for a few weeks.

Here’s the thing. It’s good to save AND it’s good to spend money on yourself, but let’s do it wisely. If you have a savings plan for when those paychecks come in, you will be buying that LuLuLemon in no time. Here’s that plan.


Spend 50% on yourself, put 30% into investments, and put 20% in savings. Say your paycheck is $200. Take $100 for your checking account, $60 for investments, and $40 for savings.

This savings plan is especially good for our generation because we do not have as many financial obligations as those older than us. This means we have a greater opportunity to save and grow our money rather than spend it.

If you do this with every paycheck, the outcome will be great! This method allows you to spend on yourself while also putting a good sum of money for future you aside. So think about it...after the next one or two paychecks, you’ll have enough money for some (like a pair of leggings) LuLuLemon clothing!

Now what do you invest in? There’s lots of options: stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, stocks, 401ks, and a list of more!

That list may be confusing, but it’s okay. Each one will be explained in future posts!

We are young which means that if we start being financially responsible now, our lives will be so much easier in the future. Let’s take advantage of this time because we can’t get it back. Start saving your money now so there is no struggle later!

If you do have more financial responsibilities right now, that’s awesome and actually a great opportunity to learn. There are so many savings plans out there. You can follow the same concept as I described before, just with different percentages.


Save 75% for yourself, 15% for investments, and 10% for savings. This way, you have more money to spend on whatever essentials you need.

One thing you probably noticed with these methods is that you invest more than you save.

Investing provides an opportunity to grow your money. While your money is sitting in a savings account, it is staying stagnant. However, if you invest your money, it has the potential to grow.

Understanding the different ways to invest has to be tackled on its own. There are so many ways to invest, and I will introduce you to some methods soon.

I got these ideas from Minority Mindset. I will include the link to this specific video, and I encourage you to check out his other videos!

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1 Comment

Adrien Riguidel
Adrien Riguidel
Mar 10, 2021

Great post once again!

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